Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Rant!

Hi there! Coming up for air after doing lots of self-editing. So, what’s new with me, you ask? Well, I decided to get a couple of new e-books.  I was tired of reading my manuscript, and I wanted to read someone else for a change.  I decided to take a chance on a different e-publishers and check out what else was out there. EC is usually my default provider for sexy stories, but I thought I’d try something new.
I stumbled on an e-bookstore that had books from several publishers.  I looked around and spotted a title that looked kinda interesting.  It was only $3.99, and I figured my author budget could handle the hit, so I clicked on buy now.  Of course, since I’d never bought anything from that web site, I had to create an account.  Yes, yes, name, password, etc. 
Anyway, I think we’re about done and then I get a message that says I can’t pay with a credit card or even with pay pal.  WTF? It’s the internet. Am I supposed to roll up money and shove it in the hard drive? What do you want? Anyway, I find out this website has a minimum.  A what? A minimum! Yes, they will only accept credit cards if you buy at least $4.99 worth of books or if you buy their website “cash,” like a gift card. Needless to say, I was kinda ticked off and closed the window out of anger…but…
As an author myself, I didn’t want to punish a fellow scribe because her supplier was behaving badly. So I went back, clicked on her book and then quickly clicked on a second book that looked interesting, which basically doubled how much I initially planned to spend.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the books were sexy and fun.  I’m not complaining about that…but damn, I probably won’t go back to that web site because a minimum is kinda…well, crazy!
Anyway, I need to get back to my third book. Maybe someday I’ll actually finish this manuscript!

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