Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got Another Review

I was trying to sift through my inbox the other day, and I found another review for "Captured by the SS." Whoo-oo! I'm not sure the reviewer liked it, though. But that's OK. Nazi themed capture stories aren't everyone's cup of tea.

You can read the review here:

Also, I'm going to try to enter the RITA contest this year for "Captured by the SS." I've never entered a story before, so I have no idea how it works.

My cat is very unhappy that I left him for a week while I was on vacation. He follows me around everywhere and seems to be get unhappy when I go to work. Poor kitty!

Oh, speaking of vacation. I think I got out of the Bahamas in just the nick of time. That's an ugly hurricane on TV! Yikes!

Well, I should call it an early night. I have to get up early tomorrow for work. Boo!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My books are MIA.

I was trying to update my web site tonight and add all the links where my books are for sale (ie, Amazon Kindle, Sony, All Romance) but I noticed many are missing from several sites. I emailed EC tonight, so hopefully they can fix it. As soon as I find them, I'll add them to my site.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back from Vacation!

I’ve been in the Bahamas the last week!

Right now, I’m a little sun-burned and really, really tired. OMG. My plane home was delayed two hours and they had to kick us off the plane and get a new one. So, I had a rough morning. But, I’m home now. Sigh. And I get to pick up the kitty cat tomorrow.Had him boarded at the vet during the trip. I hope he's not too mad at me for boarding him.

Hopefully, I can get back to work soon.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Working on the Web Site.

Just FYI. I've been tweaking my web site lately to try to add all the links where my books are for sale. But I am so bad at web stuff. I'm having trouble with page layout. Grrr...why can't I just put this know, click and drag.

Anway, I finally got my home page the way I want it. If anymore links become available, ie, Sony or AllRomance, I'll add it. I also need to add the links for my "Books" page, but I need to rethink the page layout.

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's just so cool!

For Captured by the SS!

Recommended Read!

I am so excited tonight!

Okay, let me tell you the whole story.

I came home from work and ordered a pizza because I had a lousy day at work today. Get this…I had my PA today (performance appraisal) and…I guess it went ok, but I wasn’t thrilled about it. AND I’m kind of maxed out on my pay, so I don’t get any more money…not that I make a lot of money, mind you. I just have a rather lack-luster job. Anyway, I came home in a bad mood and ordered junk food.

I wasn’t really in the mood to check my email, but I was already online. So, I figured I’d check my EC mail, just to see if my publisher had anything urgent to tell me. And guess what? I had a review AND I got a recommended read!

I’ve seen those awards on other books, but I’ve never gotten one! Here’s the link to the awesome review! Coolness!