Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got Another Review

I was trying to sift through my inbox the other day, and I found another review for "Captured by the SS." Whoo-oo! I'm not sure the reviewer liked it, though. But that's OK. Nazi themed capture stories aren't everyone's cup of tea.

You can read the review here:

Also, I'm going to try to enter the RITA contest this year for "Captured by the SS." I've never entered a story before, so I have no idea how it works.

My cat is very unhappy that I left him for a week while I was on vacation. He follows me around everywhere and seems to be get unhappy when I go to work. Poor kitty!

Oh, speaking of vacation. I think I got out of the Bahamas in just the nick of time. That's an ugly hurricane on TV! Yikes!

Well, I should call it an early night. I have to get up early tomorrow for work. Boo!

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