Friday, July 29, 2011

High-Speed Internet Rules!

      Here’s the thing.  A few years ago, I moved into this apartment complex. One of the “amenities” they offered was free wi-fi service. For a while, it worked okay…never great, just okay. But in the last few months, it really went downhill for some reason. It was slow, unreliable...uhm, did I mention SLOW. I mean slower than my old dial-up I used to have. I would get kicked off the Internet for no reason. It would lock up and freeze. It was maddening!
      But the thing is, I work a million hours at my day job, and I barely have time to pick up my Diet Coke cans. I felt I really didn’t have time to fuss with finding a new provider. BUT…I finally reached my breaking point when I couldn’t e-mail back lovely fans who had taken the time to e-mail me. I used to have to hit re-fresh and I usually ended up sending the message twice. Argh!
      So, I made the time! And to make a long story short, I now have an awesome cable connection with an Ethernet cable. The guy offered to hook it up as a wi-fi connection, but I was a little sick of the whole wi-fi thing. I know, I know, it probably would have worked fine because it’s my own signal and not a shared signal. Blah, blah, blah. I want an Ethernet, damn it! Plus, it was more expensive for a wi-fi.
      And then, I had trouble creating links on my Yahoo site for some reason, but the good news is I think I fixed it! It turns out there were a couple of updates on my computer that I kept ignoring, plus my connection made it impossible to download anything. But, I downloaded all the updates I had and addressed all the little messages my computer has been yelling at me about, and poof, I was able to create links again on my Yahoo site. I guess when those little windows pop in the corner telling you to update something, I guess you should fix it. Grin.
      I’ve also been writing again. After the SS book, I was really tired and drained for some reason. But I just write about 4k words tonight. I’m back baby, yeah!

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